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Hydrate Your Body

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Water is essential to life.  


There is much debate over how much water a person should consume daily and if bottled/filtered water is worth the cost.  


Generally, consuming around half of your body weight in ounces of water daily will keep your skin, muscles, and vital organs sufficiently hydrated. For the average male that's a few ounces over a gallon of water per day. And for the average female it means getting in a few ounces over a half gallon. Now, for many....that's A LOT OF WATER! The good thing is that you don't have to drink it all at once.  


The human body can only absorb about 8 oz of fluid in a 15 minute time span. Any amount over that just passes through. So, drink water in smaller quantities (3 - 4 oz) at a time over the course of your day, before and in between meals, this way your body is getting the full benefit; hydrating and removing toxins/waste, versus simply putting your kidneys into overdrive. Using bottled water (preferably a glass or stainless water bottle from home) is a good way of managing your intake. Set a goal for yourself.... 6 or 8 bottles per day. You will feel accomplished as you finish one bottle and refill.  

Whether from the grocery or from home, consuming filtered water is extremely important. Think about the kinds of things you pour down the drain in your kitchen or bathroom much of it is fit for human consumption? While municipalities do an adequate job removing toxins from the main water supply, there are still many chemicals and trace elements of things you do not want in your body.  


When it comes to store-bought bottled water it's not so much a matter of the original source of the water as it is about the filtration process the water has been through and its container. Plastic bottles made with BPA and BPS are known to leach and contaminate the contents. The same can be said about point of use home systems or pitcher filters. The depth and degree of filtration of the water is what counts. The more filtered and polished water is the more pure it is.​ 

Be balanced . . be well.