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Motion Bodywork is the private practice of Tiffany Crockett, LMT. Licensed since 2012 by the Arizona Massage Therapy Board, I am also certified as a Medical Massage Therapist and have focused my continuing education on learning different musculoskeletal manual therapy protocols. I utilize an integrative style to help facilitate structural realignment and balance within the body.  Take a moment to look over my website. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me. 

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What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is not necessarily a relaxing massage!  Bodywork consists of precise manual therapy techniques applied to specific areas for the relief of particular  musculoskeletal imbalances and/or pain, and to promote healing of the site and its supporting structures (related muscle/tendon/ligaments.)  Pain relief is a primary objective. And while it is usually soothing once pain is reduced, work to muscle knots and trigger points sometimes initially be slightly uncomfortable.


The process of natural re-balancing is accelerated with good self care. Eating chemical-free food, drinking sufficient amounts of clean water, adequate rest, moderate outdoor activity/exercise, and plenty of laughter and smiles may assist the process.  


Soft tissue manual therapy is appropriate for musculoskeletal pain, muscle tension, or discomfort associated with athletics, injury, repetitive use, postural imbalances, and to support body balancing.    


Bodywork is an excellent compliment to physical therapy and chiropractic too! Relaxing the soft tissue allows adjustments and strengthening/balancing exercises to be more effective and long lasting. 


What is ShockWave Therapy? 

Also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (“ESWT”), ShockWave Therapy uses a hand-held device to send acoustical waves down to the cellular level of injured or painful areas, allowing for a non-invasive treatment of soft tissue and joint pain. The pulsations trigger the brain to send stem cells to the area which jump starts the natural healing process. The technology is fascinating!  And it offers faster healing and recovery time than manual therapies alone.  During a session, only the treatment area is exposed.  Gel is applied to skin and the device is used over the treatment area for a preset time period, depending on the injury or focus.  Treatment is typically completed over a three to four week period, with one session per week.  But, if there isn't noticeable improvement by week two, treatment may stop. If there is improvement, treatments can continue, beyond week three or four, if desired.  

Side effects from ESWT are limited to mild bruising, swelling, discomfort, numbness or tingling at the treatment area.  There is no required downtime with this therapy, but as with most treatments, a day or two off from your sport after treatment is suggested.

Rates:   $75 - 60m Manual Therapeutic Bodywork

             $110 - 90m Manual Therapeutic Bodywork

             $60 - 30m ShockWave Therapy Session



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