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Understanding Pain

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Musculoskeletal pain is the result of tension building up to the point where certain movements or a relaxed state cannot be achieved. The root cause of pain is physically, emotionally or chemically derived. There can also be a combination of these root causes occurring simultaneously. 


Physical injury or tension from repetitive motions of work, sports/exercise, or sitting too long is often a primary association to muscular/joint pain. However, other physicalities such as poor posture or sleeping in an awkward position, emotional stress from relationships or traumatic events, and chemical disruption in our bodies from an allergenic or nutrient-poor sugar-filled diet can also cause tension.  

This tension creates a restriction and decrease in circulation that causes pain, inflammation, and imbalance in the mechanics of the body. Without relief, the cycle repeats itself. This is known as the pain-spasm-pain cycle. As unreleased tension increases, a person will experience chronic pain and eventually injury.   

The felt pain or stress may happen suddenly with one swift movement/event or, it may be the result of a gradual buildup over time.   

Most felt pain in the body is referred from another area. The original imbalance causes the muscles to load up unevenly, some working harder than they should and some working less. Therefore, a person experiencing chronic pain must do more than just treat the symptom area and felt pain. To heal the body and relieve the pain permanently, the original cause of imbalance, physical, emotional and/or chemical, along with the muscular compensation created elsewhere in the body must be identified and dealt with.