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What You Eat Matters

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Musculoskeletal pain is largely a result of stress that builds in the body bringing physical imbalances into play and causing irritation and/or inflammation to nerves, joints, muscles or ligaments.


Stress has three main origins: physical, chemical and emotional. So, a poor diet that upsets the chemical balance has the potential to cause or heighten a person’s pain.

A balanced, chemical-free, healthy fat diet will help release stress because it provides all the necessary (natural) ingredients for a body to recover and regenerate. You will feel relaxed and calm, with very little aggression, anxiety, or pain.   


Selecting wholesome food is pretty simple. Fruits, vegetables, organic grains, organic 100% whole grain bread, unprocessed (no oil) nuts, flax and chia seeds, organic unground coffee, herbal teas WITHOUT "natural flavors", fresh spices and herbs, bottled spices and herbs WITHOUT "natural flavorings", to name a few, are good options.   


FOOD = nourishment and sustenance to the body, period! If it has no nutritional value, it is NOT food!!  You can't eat bad and expect to feel good.   


Consumed in varying kinds and adequate quantities, a plant-based diet can provide your body with much, if not all of the nutrients it requires daily to be active and healthy. If you eat meat, choose free range grass fed beef, wild caught fish, and open range (non-soy/grain) fed poultry.  


When buying prepared packaged items (about 90% of what is on grocery store shelves), don't be taken in by "healthy", "all-natural", "organic" wording on the label. Take a look at the ingredient list. If you come across a lot words that you do not know, don't buy it! Oftentimes these item are fillers and food enhancers.   Fillers and enhancers have virtually no nutritional value and not worth the energy your digestive system and liver expend turning it into stored fat and waste . . .  :-)    


Eat balanced . . be well.